A home Built by "Bonner Custom Homes" is more than an asset - it is a legacy.

Custom Homes magazine recognized Bonner Custom Homes with the coveted Pacesetter Award for their innovative ideas creating an expansive 40 million dollar custom home in north Georgia.

Many custom residences have been featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Homes, Veranda, Southern Accents, Success and Trends Home and Living magazines.

The phrase "Built by Bonner Custom Homes" has become a statement of pride for homeowners and a selling point for home sellers. 

Jerry Bonner

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Jerry Bonner was only 12 years old when he began working with his uncle, a commercial contractor in Griffin, who taught Jerry about taking pride in his work by focusing on quality and relationships. 

Jerry returned to the business he loved in 1969 after earning his degree from Southern Tech and serving in the U.S. Army. But, in reality, he never really left the business - his degree was in engineering and his service was in Vietnam where he built barracks in Pleiku for his unit. Building was and is his "calling." In 1978, he moved to Atlanta where he founded Bonner Custom Homes and the residential building business has not been the same since.

Jerry has a passion for travel and he visits Europe every year. His philosophy is to build family homes with the same sense of permanency as seen in Europe. That says it all because a Bonner Custom Home has a sense that it has always been there, fitting seamlessly into an established neighborhood. He loves traditional architecture as in French Country homes, English Manor and Tudor cottages. European homes were built with permanency in mind and he loves refining new homes with an American influence retaining the solid, Old World feel. Masonry walls and authentic building techniques, the true roots of good architecture, are incorporated into each custom home.

It is the creativity of building that Jerry thrives on and he loves serving his Georgia clients who speak his language of quality architecture and high end home design. His international travel takes him to his favorite places, especially one architectural antiques shop just outside of Paris. Origines is a resource he searches for one-of-a-kind architectural elements to incorporate into custom home designs such as 1,000-year-old columns, impressive antique doors and roof tiles, leaded windows and recycled stonework from authentic European structures. These are the details that make a house a home. Whether visiting Europe or touring the homes of former American Presidents he is a history buff who keeps the art of craftsmanship alive bringing inspiration to building custom private residences.

Jerry never wants to retire because he is totally fulfilled expressing his creativity through his work, creating custom residences that fulfill the lifelong dreams of his clientele. For seasoned building expert, Jerry Bonner, the business is his greatest pleasure and his greatest pleasure is his business. 

With gratitude for the major influence of his uncle over 50 years ago, Jerry is passing on his ethic to his son, Rhett, as they move the firm to the next generation of Bonner builders.

Rhett Bonner

Rhett received his B.S. Degree from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. With the 1996 Summer Olympics in full swing, Bonner Custom Homes was busier than ever so Rhett returned home to help his father, never anticipating how much he would love it.

In 1996, Jerry knew that if Rhett were to decide to stick with him, he would have to start from the same place everyone else does. With a Bachelor of Science, this Magna Cum Laude student quickly found himself digging ditches, hauling wood, and any other task his colleagues did not want to do. With his signature hard work and humility, Rhett quickly earned the respect of everyone he worked with across various trades in the construction field.

Rhett worked his way through the ranks, gaining first-hand experience with every aspect of the building process. His patience and persistence paid off and Rhett is now serving as a Vice President of Bonner Custom Homes. Like his father, he is passionate about his craft and active in every project he participates in. In many ways, the only thing that has changed about Rhett is his title; he is still the man who will roll up his sleeves to do whatever it takes to get the job done ... to make the vision a reality.